Yard Hydrant Installation

Looking for yard hydrant installation services in or near Dayton, Ohio? All American Plumbing has you covered. We are a local, qualified, and experienced plumbing company that can install a new yard hydrant for you--including connecting to an existing water source, directional boring the water lines underground, and ensuring the hydrant is properly installed. We've found over the years that yard hydrants go by a few other names too, including: yard pump, frost-free hydrant, outdoor hydrant, stand hydrant, or farm hydrant. No matter what you call it though, you can be assured that we can install it correctly the first time. So if you want a yard hydrant installed, contact us--the local plumbing company you can trust. We've also included some photos below of a yard hydrant we installed for a customer in Xenia, Ohio.

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What is a Yard Hydrant?

A yard hydrant is an outdoor water faucet designed to provide a reliable source of water in rural areas, particularly on farms or ranches. Unlike traditional faucets, which are installed inside a building, a yard hydrant is installed outside and usually mounted on a pipe that extends underground.

One of the main features of a yard hydrant is that it has a long pipe or stand that extends several feet above the ground. This feature allows users to easily access water without having to bend down or crawl on the ground. Additionally, yard hydrants are often designed with a frost-proof feature that prevents the water in the pipe from freezing during cold weather.

When a yard hydrant is turned on, water flows through the pipe and out of the spout, which is usually located at the top of the stand. Yard hydrants are often used for tasks such as watering livestock, irrigating crops, and filling water troughs. They are also useful for general outdoor water use, such as washing cars or watering gardens.

Yard Hydrant Installation Photos

If you're looking to have a yard hydrant installed on your property, it's important for you to know that you're hiring a qualified and experienced plumbing company to do the job. We've got well over 20 years of plumbing experience, and we've seen just about every plumbing job there is. But we thought we'd also share some photos of a yard hydrant installation job we completed for a customer in Xenia, Ohio. If you're in or near the Dayton, Ohio area, and need a year hydrant installed on your property, contact us today to get a free estimate!