Directional Boring Company in Dayton, OH

All American Plumbing is a directional boring company serving Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio. We are able to use trenchless drilling equipment to install water lines, gas lines, electrical conduit and much more! 

Directional boring is often referred to using several names, including directional drilling, underground boring, and horizontal boring. All these names refer to the same minimally invasive way of burying several types of utility lines. First, a small hole is dug where you need a utility to start, and another is dug where the utility needs to end. Then, a special directional boring machine is used to drill underground from one hole to the other. Finally, the utility line is fed through the tunnel drilled by the machine and connected as needed.

Photo of a directional boring company in Dayton, Ohio installing water lines for a customer.

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Utilities Installed by a Directional Boring Company

One of the many advantages of directional drilling is the wide range of utilities that can be buried using this technology. The utilities that can be buried using horizontal drilling include water, gas, electric, and communication lines.

Water Lines Boring

Water lines are one of the most common types of utilities buried using directional boring. As a directional boring company, we are proud to one of the few companies that can both drill for and connect water lines, whereas many companies can only do one or the other.

Gas Line Drilling

After a tunnel is drilled for gas lines, it’s critical that installation of the pipe is done by qualified and experienced professionals. Once we drill and install an underground gas line, our OQ certified technicians will safely connect the gas lines.

Underground Electric Line Drilling

With our equipment, we’re able to bore for both low and high-voltage electric lines. This service can be especially helpful for homeowners who want to run electric from their home to a shed or barn without digging up their yard.

Underground Comm. Line Boring

With the major upgrades being made to internet lines across the country, underground boring has never been so critical. Cities are saving a lot of resources when upgrading their internet capabilities by using a directional boring company to help lay fiber optic lines.

Advantages of Using a Directional Boring Company 

When directional boring is possible, it provides many advantages. The most common advantages are that it is minimally invasive, preserves existing property, and allows for a faster recovery time.


Directional Boring is Minimally Invasive

The traditional method of laying utilities is digging a trench, which is extremely invasive. Directional boring is just as effective as trench-digging but is much less invasive as the property that is being drilled is largely undisturbed.


Directional Boring Preserves Existing Property

Directional boring allows for burying a utility line under existing structures such as patios, sidewalks, buildings, and landscaping. This alone saves the property owner a lot of time and money.


Directional Boring Allows for a Faster Recovery Time

After a utility is installed by a directional boring company, there are only the entry and exit points that need to be filled in and cared for. This is in stark contrast to digging a trench, which needs to settle for about a month before final grading and finish work (seeding, building, etc.) can be done.