Water Main Tapping

Water line tapping involves connecting a new water source to an existing city water main. Because the work is performed on a live water main, any mistakes could big cause problems to a large number of people who are down line. This is why adding a new water main tap should always be performed by a licensed, qualified, and experienced plumbing company like All American Plumbing. The picture on this page shows our crew successfully tapping a water main without causing interruption of service to other people down the line.

The 3 most common reasons for needing a water main tap are: 

  1. Water is needed for a new home or building construction.

  2. Converting from well water to city water.

  3. Converting from a cistern to city water.

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What is water main tapping?

Water main tapping is the process of connecting a water supply line to an existing water main. It is a crucial process that allows access to a water supply for a building, home or facility. This process is used to connect new water lines or to repair or replace existing ones.

To begin the water main tapping process, the first step is to obtain the necessary permits and permissions from the local authorities. It is important to ensure that all regulations and codes are followed to ensure safety and compliance. The next step is to locate the water main and expose the area where the tap will be installed. This involves digging a hole around the water main to expose the pipe.

Once the water main is exposed, a tap is made by drilling into the main line. The size of the tap is determined by the size of the new water line being installed. The tap is made by drilling a hole into the main water line using a specialized machine, known as a tapping machine. The tapping machine drills a hole in the pipe and creates a thread inside the hole.

After the tap is made, a valve is installed to control the flow of water. This valve is known as a corporation valve, and it is connected to the tap using a saddle fitting. The new water line is then connected to the corporation valve.

Once the water line is connected, the final step is to test the system for leaks and pressure. It is important to ensure that the water main tapping is done correctly to prevent any leaks or other problems that could cause damage or disruption to the water supply.