Gas Line Plumber

All American Plumbing is a well-qualified and experienced gas line plumber in the Dayton, Ohio area. We have the capabilities to install new gas lines and repair existing gas lines safely. In fact, all our technicians are OQ certified for gas line and pipe fusion applications. We also take safety very seriously and follow all safety protocols while performing any gas line work.

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Gas line plumbers are essential for hooking up gas meters, installing gas lines, or repairing gas lines.

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Gas Line Plumber Services

We are proud to offer a wide range of gas line plumber services to residential and commercial clients in and around the Dayton, Ohio region. Some of our most popular services include running gas lines for main gas supply, backup generators, pool heaters, grills, fire pits, cooking ranges, fireplaces, and water heaters.

Main Gas Supply Line

Installing new gas service or replacing an existing line to a building is just one of the many gas plumbing services we offer. We have the capabilities to install gas lines using trenches or directional boring.

Emergency Gas Plumber

If a gas line breaks or is otherwise compromised, it can cause health and safety issues, and/or a major inconvenience to your family or business. If you have an emergency plumbing need, give us a call.

Backup Generator

Backup generators can be especially helpful during summer thunderstorms or winter ice storms when electricity service can be lost for several hours or even days at a time. We connect gas lines to backup generators so that your home always has a source of electricity.

Pool Heater

Gas pool heaters are very popular with property owners who want to enjoy an extended pool season. We’re fully qualified and certified to safely install gas lines to pool heaters.


We can run a permanent gas line to your grill, so you don’t need to keep buying a and changing propane tanks.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are a great place to relax and entertain outdoors. We can install a permanent gas line to your fire pit so that warming up with company is simple.

Gas Ranges

Installing gas ranges can be dangerous if you aren’t properly trained. That’s why all our plumbers are certified and experienced to install gas ranges safely.

Gas Fireplace

Convert your indoor wood-burning fireplace to a convenient gas fireplace. We can run a permanent gas line to your fireplace to help you make the conversion simple and safe.

Gas Water Heater (full install)

Gas water heaters are one of the most popular ways of warming water in both residential and commercial buildings. We can plumb in the gas and water lines, as well as install the water heater for you.

What to do in the Event of a Gas Leak

Gas leaks are often easy to detect due to the strong and distinct odor of the gas itself. If you do smell gas or notice a new dead patch of grass where you know a gas line is buried, be sure to take the following safety precautions.


Prevent Damage to People and Property

If you believe there is a gas leak in or around your home or office, call your gas company immediately to shut of the gas supply. In the meantime, don’t turn on any light switches, plug anything into electrical outlets, light candles, or do anything else that might cause a spark. If you can smell the gas indoors, you may also want to open windows and doors, and evacuate the building.


Call us Inspect the Damaged Gas Line

Once the gas source is turned off by the gas company, call us anytime, day or night, to assess the problem with your gas line. We will inspect the gas line and determine what is needed to fix the problem. We will provide you with a plan and free cost estimate to fix the gas leak.


Repair the Damaged Gas Line

Our experienced and OQ-certified gas line plumbers will obtain all necessary permits and begin repairing or replacing the damaged gas line. Once our work has passed the gas company’s inspection, your gas service will be safely turned back on.